Friday, December 14, 2012

Like Glitters Raining Down on Me

Well it has been a super duper long time since I posted. Life just gets crazy, ha! Anyway, these 2 got really cold after insisting on drinking smoothies for breakfast and wanted to wear cute hats to keep warm. Happy Holidays!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

School is In

Reagan has now started Pre-K. She's going to Stevenson Elementary M/T and TH/F. We had a Meet the Teacher night last Monday and she got to meet her new teacher Mrs. Barbie Formichella. She likes to be called Teacher Barbie ;) Reagan's first day was today and it went very smoothly. No tears, no melt down (phew)! She said she had fun and that she liked it. When I walked into the room to get her they were still singing their last song and Reagan was sitting in Teacher Barbies lap. Uh oh, teachers pet already!! She did mention (Barbie that is) that she thinks Reagan is going to be one of her little stars. Oh man! The tears were already welling up and it's only been a day!! HA! I posted pretty much every picture I took. I just couldn't decide which ones I thought were the cutest. So proud of my big girl! I can't believe she's going to "big girl school" already. Oh and in case you didn't already know she is very much into dressing herself. So all outfits shown are Reagan's choice, ha! She LOVES skirts.

Meet the teacher night

Teacher Barbie
First Day of School!!

Lalaloopsy (I love saying that word) backpack. I wanted one of these for Reagan so bad and it was the LAST one at the store. PLUS it was on sale since school technically started on Monday. Score!!

All ready to go. Poser :)

In front of her classroom

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We had the chance to go to the Arizona Museum for Youth today with Grandma Lisa and cousins!! Woo too! The kids loved it! It was a lot of fun. Sometimes I think that I'm having a better time than the children are. Oh well :) Thanks again Gma Lisa, we all had so much fun!

Friday, June 15, 2012

I Love to See the Temple

We went to see the Gilbert Temple construction site a couple weeks ago for FHE and I just forgot to post pictures. It was really neat seeing it. None of the glass has been installed yet but the Angel Moroni was put in place a few weeks prior to our visit so that was cool. They have people at the site that give information about the temple and you can go into the little onsite trailer and look at the blue prints. One of the walls was messed up during transport so they broke it up into a bunch of little pieces and you can take a piece home with you, so both kids have a little piece of the temple now! I love that! There was this helicopter that would come and circle every 20 minutes or so. I think people must be paying to get arial tours or something. The guide said it's been happening all day long for the last week. That would be such an awesome view! Can't wait for it to be finished!!

The gorgeous new Temple! See the helicopter in the background??

Thanks Devin and Marisa (and Brittany/Ricky/Brooke/Cohen, not pictured) for coming with us!

See Moroni?

Very excited :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Little White Duck

Reagan's dance recital was last Saturday. It was too cute to even describe with words :) This is the 3rd recital that she has been in and she did A-MAZING if I do say so myself. It's really hard for me to tell if I'm being biased but I'm pretty (97.3%) sure that she was a ROCK STAR! She danced to "Little White Duck". The video that I took is really blown out because of the lights they had shining on stage but she was the one in the very center (naturally!!). I took a bagillion pictures before we left the house, mostly on account of the fact that she was A) allowing me to and B) REQUESTING me to. I just kept snapping for as long as her "obliging" mood permitted! I'm going to try and upload the video but it will likely just be the pictures. Oh and if you're interested in getting your super cute tiny dancer started then let me know. Reagan's instructor is really good and we have just loved having her be a part of Miss Chaney's dance team :)

She is no longer in the picture taking mood. Boo :(

Thanks Mimi for coming to the recital! Reagan loved having you there!

Thanks for filming Grandpa Scott, you're the best!

And Grandma Lisa OF COURSE!!

So glad Daddy was able to make it to this one. He was smiling from ear to ear (despite himself, ha)!

Saturday, May 19, 2012


This boy loves him some Oreo's. He get's this from me, naturally. I could eat these delights pretty much all day long. The deal's off though if there's no milk. Just saying....

Saturday, May 5, 2012

AZ Science Center

Thank you Grandpa Scott for the super fun tickets to the Science Center. We ALL had  blast! 

And this is what happens afterwards :)

 Don't mind Reagan's lack of clothing, she got soaking wet playing in all that water!